Introducing SweetSpot Eclipse

Don’t practice your swing,

put your swing into practice

Have you ever wondered why your practice swing feels smooth and looks great – yet when you put a ball in the way it all goes wrong?

Good practice strokes arise from a golfer utilising their core to drive rotation. They make a smooth swing. When there is a ball in play, improving golfers unconsciously involve their hands, wrists and arms. They try to hit the ball.

The answer is to take the ball out of the equation by cloaking it. It’s a simple but effective way gain to control over an innate response. Just try it and see for yourself.

How do I use it?

It’s as easy as it looks

Place the SweetSpot Eclipse opposite yourself and position the head to cloak your ball. Then put your swing into practice. Repeated use will give you increased confidence in our swing. Muscle memory will help you repeat the action once the cloak is removed.

Watch SweetSpot’s founder, Gary Ley, put the Eclipse through its paces on a driving range.

Who is it for?

Everyone’s a winner

The Sweetspot Eclipse is designed for improving golfers of any age or gender. Once you’ve grasped the basics, this should help you play better, more consistent golf.

This is great as I feel a lot more comfortable now when on the driving range with other golfers all around me.
Maritza Gibbs / Beginner
It helps me to focus on the swing more than the hit.
Andrew Dunley / Improver
Makes me feel free and gives my swing more freedom when I go to hit a ball without using the Sweetspot device.
Mike Gee / Senior
It is an extraordinary invention as you cannot see the ball and you still hit great shots.
Oliver, aged 9 / Junior
Where can I use it?

Keep it in your golf bag

The natural home of the SweetSpot Eclipse is the driving range or digital golf studio – but it’s durable and portable enough to use on course tees and fairways during practice or friendly rounds of golf.

What is in the box?

Simple but effective

The SweetSpot Eclipse comes in three parts: the base, the flex and the head. Some simple self-assembly is required. Once assembled, just fold it flat for easy transportation then unfurl the flex, place the base on the ground and position the head to cloak your ball each time you need to use it.

Where can I buy one?

Roll up, roll up

Having impressed beginners, improving and experienced amateurs as well as golf tutors and professionals from all over the world, the SweetSpot Eclipse has attracted interest from across the golf industry.

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What do people think?
Who invented this?

Introducing Gary Ley

Gary has had a lifelong passion for sport and communicating. He has played both golf and football at county level as well as writing and illustrating two books enjoying commercial success as a painter.

He has spent the last 30 years as an in-demand golf coach, teaching at all levels from children to adults and golfers with special needs.

Gary continually noticed how great practice swings turned bad as soon as a ball was introduced. It drove him crazy enough to want to address this common problem. The SweetSpot Eclipse is his solution.

In the summer of 2016, Gary constructed the first prototype using a wire coathanger and a cereal packet. He is now very proud that the product has been designed developed and, all molded parts, manufactured in the UK.

SweetSpot Eclipse

Patent applied for number: GB1722076

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